Fantastic Neighborhood 58: There and PAX Again


Did you go to PAX East? If so, you’re one up on Jon. Ed and Fred relive their adventures from this years exposition, so that Jon may live vicariously through them. At least they brought him presents.

How good was this years swag?  How awesome was it to wait in line for two hours to see a forty-five minute pannel? What was the game of show?

Hint: It involved Diving. And Kicking.

This week’s Game Club game is Cart Life. Get your anti-depressants ready. Next week’s game will be the first five or six hours of Miasmata.



  • 0:00:00 – Intro into PAX 2013 Retrospective – The swag and the games
  • 0:41:48 – PAXEast 2013 Retrospective – The panels and the letdowns
  • 1:12:38 – Gameclub – Cart Life
  • 1:18:56 – The Outro
  • 1:24:46 – The failed Outro



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