Fantastic Neighborhood 56: Fancy Wine and Cheese Party


We have a Fancy Wine and Cheese party with friend of the show and writer at Ubisoft Montreal, C.J. Kershner (Homefront, Rainbow 6 Patriots.) By fancy we of course mean we dressed like big kids. And by wine and cheese we mean 20 dollar bourbon and cheese.

There is not much structure to this show because when C.J. comes on we throw caution to the wind. But we do talk about Sim City, Dead Space 3, Feminist Frequency, TPB AFK, and more HAWT gamer stories. We also talk about unmanned in gameclub.

Our sponsor this week is Goatify.Me, Not really but this is a super useful website.

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  • Lorde – “Royals”
  • Bayside – “Masterpiece”
  • Metric – “Collect Call (Adventure Club Remix)”




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