Fantastic Neighborhood 50: Drunken Tomfoolery with Homefront Writer CJ Kershner


This is an episode like no other. I mean in a good way. We didn’t write show notes and we finished of the Bulleit and moved onto the Woodford. There was something else too…

Oh that’s right, C.J. Kershner (Homefront, Rainbow 6 Patriots) joins us! We talk DayZ, The Cave, Homefront, Spec Ops, the game industry, the THQ sell-off, Canadians, French Canadians….

We talk about a lot. And CJ is a really funny guy. Whom Fred definitely has a bit of a crush on.

Next week’s game club is Mark of the Ninja, currently available in a hot deal.

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  • Savant – “Megaboy – Original Mix”
  • Ministry – Jesus Built My Hotrod
  • Onyx and Biohazard – Slam
  • Knock Galley West (Wet OST) – As We Ride
  • Fear Factory (Resident Evil soundtrack) – Invisible Wounds (Suture Mix)

0:00:00 Intro… and then some
0:09:56 Consumption Junction
0:55:42 Game Club: XCOM… and then we just sorta go off on a thing for a while
1:35:20 Outro and Outtakes


Co-host of the show, video game archivist and historian, UI specialist, and name dropper. Jon Anderson is one of the founding members of Fantastic Neighborhood.