Fantastic Neighborhood 48: Killing is Harmless Author Brendan Keogh


We’ve got a special show lined up for you very lucky and loyal hoodlums. Brendan Keogh, author of Killing is Harmless: A Critical Reading of Spec Ops: The Line, joins us to discuss violence & storytelling in games, his book, and our 2012 winner of the “Games Dun Growed Up Award,” Spec Ops: The Line. We’ll have the entire, spoiler-filled interview up tomorrow.

Of course we’ve got the normal stuff like Consumption Junction and Hype Bonernanza, where we discuss how to purchase Fire Emblem and Dead Space. Oh, and congrats to Ben Affleck for winning all those Globez. Argo was really good.

After the interview with Brendan, which will conclude tomorrow, we reboot What’s in Jon’s Closet and start our Game Club for XCOM.

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0:00:00 Intro, AbleGamers Shout Outs
0:01:33 Consumption Junction & Hype Bonernanza

0:31:05 Interview with Brendan Keogh
1:02:30 What’s in Jon’s Closet
1:17:00 Game Club: XCOM
1:30:05 Closing Notes

Looking for the full interview with Brendan? You can download it here or subscribe on iTunes to get it automatically.


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