Fantastic Neighborhood’s Rocking (Dick Joke) New Year’s Eve

This was a tough one to finish. So many friends, so many fun times. 2012…

First up, we talk with some close friends of the show (Ryan Hewson of Perpetual Geek Machine, Harold Price of Cross Border Gaming, and Will Gallego) about their top picks for 2012! What games made the cut? You’ll have to listen.

Then Jon and Fred go into another new yearly tradition, the Hoodie awards, or Hoodies for short. The Hoodies celebrate the best of the, well, whatever categories we pick. We also have a special guest judge at one point, Rich Coonelly of!

We close the show with sad gamer obituaries, new years resolutions, bold predictions for 2013, remembering some of the bands we may have broken up over the course of the year, and a special thank you to everyone who made 2012 a Fantastic Neighborhood year. We also premier the long lost last song from Measured in Grey to end the show.

0:01:52 Ryan Hewson
0:20:18 Will Gallego
0:30:52 Harold Price
0:37:26 The Hoodies
1:12:34 Sad Gamer Obituaries
1:16:02 Resolutions
1:19:02 BOLD predictions
1:21:31 Bands we ruined
1:24:25 Thanks You


  • Savant – Megaboy
  • Suicide Machines – End of the World
  • Mxpx – Auld Land Syne
  • Measured in Grey – Tiny Bubbles


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