Some Halo 4 Online Challenges are Broken [UPDATE]

Droppin the ball. Get it?

We don’t pretend to be a news site, but at least we can at least try to shine some light on the occasional issue. Halo4’s multiplayer has a veritable cornucopia of features. There’s competitive, there’s co-op, there’s a Flood mode. Seriously, there’s a ton of stuff here. The new Spartan Ops missions ties together new CG cut scenes with co-op gameplay challenges. It’s pretty neat, and I’m totally into it. Tying all the modes together is a singular XP system. As a bonus, and to keep users coming back, 343 Industries has set weekly challenges. Complete this chapter and get XP, kill this many Crawlers, get XP. You can see how this works.

What a badass.

But what happens when it doesn’t work? Users are complaining because one of the meatier challenges, “Heroic Episode,” simply isn’t unlocking. Completing chapter 2 of Spartan Ops on Heroic should grant the player the hefty sum of 3,000 XP, but nothing is happening. Multiple message board posts are mentioning it, but I haven’t been able to find any responses from 343. I also twice attempted to tweet them, but haven’t received a response.

Say what? No seriously, you guys, I think you broke something.

While the reviews and my personal experiences with the game suggest that 343 has managed to fill Bungie’s boots, there are obviously still some kinks to work out, as we’ve also heard reports of the Mountain Dex XP bonus program not working correctly.


Well, this is why we aren’t reporters. According to a 343 forum post, this is an issue with the notification not popping, but the XP is being awarded. I haven’t been able to verify this, but here you go:

“Spartan Ops Episode of Legend Weekly Challenge
Upon completion of the Episode of Legend Weekly Challenge, some players did not get a notification that they received 3,000 XP. However, if the challenge showed as completed on the Challenge page, the payout was issued. We are currently investigating why the notification did not appear in-game.”

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