Fantastic Neighborhood 36: Tech Talk Weekly

‘Tis time to gather ’round the speakerbox and listen to tales of yore. Either that or listen to us talk about videogames. This week’s Consumption Junction plays host to the slow burn of Dishonored and the instant gratification (albeit with wonky controls) of Sonic Jump. We’re all hyped up for new games, like Borderlands Legends, old games, like this massive Interplay deal, and new versions of old game systems, like the Neo Geo X Gold. Not to mention going right the ef off the rails into Tech Talk Weekly ™ and Christmas shopping tips for Atheists.

We finish off Asura’s Wrath in Game Club. For next week, we’ll be playing The Walking Dead: Episode 4.

Speaking of next week, it’ll be our Halloween Spooktacular, so call in and tell us what your favorite scary games are.

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0:00:00 Intro
0:01:30 Consumption Junction
0:20:50 Hype Bonanza
0:50:04 Game Club: Asura’s Wrath
1:23:30 Outro/Community Segment



Co-host of the show, video game archivist and historian, UI specialist, and name dropper. Jon Anderson is one of the founding members of Fantastic Neighborhood.