Fantastic Neighborhood 35: Gwar-sura’s Wrath

This week the show follows Fred’s adventures with Gwar and the games of NY ComicCon, including Halo 4, Hawken, and the Marvel MMO. Then Jon shares a little too much about the dark hold of classic game collecting. Continued rants about the lack of free time and the evil of game sales follows. In a very lively Game Club segment, we dissect the wacked-out brilliance of Asura’s Wrath. Lastly, we talk about the new DC fighting game, Injustice, and the not-so-great history of DC Comics games. FUN TIMES!

Next week’s Game Club is the conclusion of Asura’s Wrath. The third Part and all DLC content.

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0:00:00 Intro
0:01:20 Consumption Junction
0:34:03 Hyperdrive Angry Birds (Hyper-Thyroidism)
0:42:40 Game Club: Asura’s Wrath
1:04:59 Outro/Community Segment

And as we mentioned on the show, here are some photos from the show! Click into the post for more!
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